Inlet protection on your job site is simple with the

Road Drain Curb & Gutter

Since 2001, the Road Drain Curb & Gutter from Wimco has made it easy to keep storm drains clear of silt and debris. Our patented design allows water to drain quickly in the heaviest rainfall while not interfering with pedestrian and vehicle traffic. This is what has made Wimco become a market leader in reusable inlet devices.


Curb & gutter

Product highlights

• Minimizes vehicle hazards by not allowing storm water or debris to
build-up in the roadway

• Two overflows ensure heavy rainfalls exit the roadway without worry of street flooding

• One-person cleaning operation or quick use of VAC system will keep products working properly

• Visible while in place and allows vehicle traffic over casting

• Keeps excess concrete out of the manhole structure while the curb is formed around the casting

• Keeps pedestrians safe while the concrete curb is curing prior to placement of casting grate

• Reusable and can be fabricated to fit most castings

Post Construction

• Hydrocarbon pillows

U.S. Patent Number

#6,609,852 #7,052,207
#7,396,471 #7,488,414

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curb & Gutter

Portable sediment containment system

interlocking silt fence

top slab

The Road Drain Curb & Gutter uses a replaceable filter sock to keep silt and debris out of storm drains.

With the Road Drain Curb and Gutter, two overflows and ample filtration area allow
construction operation to continue unimpeded.